Frank Hecker

Resident of Howard County, Maryland, systems engineer, and occasional blogger

New year, new blog

I’ve yet again revamped my blog (now with lost content!).

2024-06-22 · 3 min · Frank Hecker

A better way to elect the Howard County Board of Education

Howard County parents and other voters deserve a way to vote for the Board of Education that truly reflects their preferences.

2023-01-28 · 15 min · Frank Hecker

Expanding the five-district Howard County Council to three members per district

Another approach to expanding the Howard County Council, still using five districts but now with three members per district.

2021-10-02 · 8 min · Frank Hecker

Final thoughts on my Howard County Council redistricting proposal

In this last post of the series I talk about why I care about this, and why I did it.

2021-09-26 · 7 min · Frank Hecker

Questions about my proposal for Howard County Council redistricting deserve answers

My proposal for Howard County Council expansion has raised a lot of questions. Here are my answers.

2021-09-25 · 15 min · Frank Hecker