UPDATE 2023-03-27: This page is obsolete, as it refers to a prior version of this blog. However, it may be of historical interest.

I use the seemore plugin by Todd Larason to show only excerpts of entries on my main blog page, index pages for categories, and archive pages, while displaying the entire article on an individual entry’s page. It’s worked well, with one exception: When I created my RSS and Atom feeds I wanted the feeds to contain the full text of all entries, for the convenience of people using news readers. (Many of these applications display article text directly in the reader, removing the need to open a browser window to read the article.)

To do this I made a minor patch to the seemore plugin, which I thought others might find of interest as well. The patch essentially bypasses seemore processing for selected Blosxom flavours (in my case, the ’rss’ and ’atom’ flavours).