Back in August 2005, when the Mozilla Corporation was created, I began working for the Mozilla Foundation in a part-time capacity. I’m pleased to note that today is my first day working full-time for the Foundation.

In my previous post on the reorganization I very briefly discussed my past involvement with the Mozilla project. I really don’t have much to add to those comments, except to say that I’m happy to be able to take on a more extensive role as executive director of the Mozilla Foundation and do what I can to help support the Mozilla project as it evolves. I have my own personal opinions on where and how the Foundation can make a difference, and in the future I’ll be blogging more concerning my own thoughts on this topic. However in the end what really matters is not what I think but rather what’s best for the Mozilla project and the people participating in it and affected by it; I’m in a key sense just serving as an intermediary between the Mozilla community and the Mozilla Foundation board of directors, trying to bring various perspectives to the board’s attention and helping to implement the board’s chosen strategies.

I should also mention that I’ll continue to have the able assistance of Gerv Markham and Zak Greant, who are both continuing their part-time work on Foundation-related tasks. I’ll soon begin posting regular status reports to this blog, for those who’d like to keep up with Foundation-related activities and who want more information than is included in the standard staff meeting minutes published on MozillaZine. (And of course Gerv and Zak have their own blogs as well where they can discuss topics in even more depth.)

That’s all for now; I’ll be posting more soon. In the meantime, if you have thoughts on what the Mozilla Foundation could and should be doing to help support the Mozilla project, please feel free to email me at