This is my report on activities of the Mozilla Foundation for the week ending March 3, 2006 (still catching up). Significant topics for the week included FOSDEM, CSUN, and an interesting possible new project to record Mozilla and Firefox history.

Projects for the week

Here’s a partial listing of what I and others at the Foundation did the week ending March 3; as I did previously, I’ ve omitted the “next action(s)” comments because they were out of date:

  • FOSDEM localizers meeting. I did a fair amount of cleanup from FOSDEM, mainly collecting expense reports from people for whom we sponsored travel. Tristan Nitot posted a good report on Mozilla-related events at FOSDEM.

  • CSUN conference. I worked with Rafael Ebron to order booth signage and giveway items (reusable for other conferences as well) for our CSUN conference booth. The Mozilla Foundation sponsored travel for three more student volunteers to attend and do booth duty, making a total of four volunteer contributors attending, all working on Mozilla-related accessibility projects.

  • Mozilla history project. I met with folks at the Center for History and New Media (at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia) to discuss their proposal for a Mozilla/Firefox online history site. (Note that Rafael Ebron has a blog post about this on the SpreadFirefox site. with a few more details.) This is a really interesting project, and for once living on the east coast paid off, as I was able to drive over to Fairfax and talk to the CHNM team in person.

This concludes the report.