This is my report on activities of the Mozilla Foundation for the week ending March 10, 2006 (almost caught up now! ). Significant topics for the week included the Mozilla Foundation board meeting and a post mortem on Mozilla projects done as part of Google’s “Summer of Code.”

Projects for the week

Here’s a partial listing of what I and others at the Foundation did the week ending March 10; as I did previously, I’ ve omitted the “next action(s)” comments because they were out of date:

  • Board meeting. We had a meeting of the Mozilla Foundation board of directors on March 10, and I spent most of the week preparing for it. Just to clarify: I myself am not on the board of directors. However as executive director the board members are in effect my bosses, and so I attend board meetings to assist with the meetings, report on my activities in person, and take direction from the board.

    Most of the items at the board meeting were internal matters relating to keeping the Foundation up and running; however some of the topics are of more general interest. In particular, we discussed some possibilities for how the Foundation might continue and expand its activities in support of the Mozilla project and community; our recent support of the FOSDEM localizers meeting and our upcoming CSUN presence are hopefully just the first examples of that.

  • Google “Summer of Code” analysis. Gerv Markham did a great blog post discussing the experience of Mozilla-related projects funded as part of Google’s “Summer of Code” last year. We’ll need to make sure that the relevant “lessons learned” get reflected in future Mozilla Summer of Code projects, as well as any similar programs that the Foundation and/or Corporation might undertake in the future.

This concludes the report.