This is my report on activities of the Mozilla Foundation for the week ending April 21, 2006. The major news for this week is that we’re continuing to fund work to support improved accessibility of Firefox and other Mozilla-based products.

Projects for the week

Here’s a partial listing of what I and others at the Foundation did the week ending April 21:

  • Accessibility implementation plan for OS X. The Mozilla Foundation is making a small grant to fund creation of an implementation plan for improving the accessibility of Firefox and other Mozilla-based products on Mac OS X. Next action(s): Work with Aaron Leventhal to monitor the progress of the work.

  • XTech conference. I’m working with Mike Shaver on having some Mozilla attendees at the XTech conference, May 16–19 in Amsterdam. Next action(s): Work with shaver to ensure that all necessary arrangements are made.

  • NetSquared conference. I’m planning to attend the NetSquared conference on technology and nonprofits (among other things), along with Paul Kim of the Mozilla Corporation. Next action(s): Work with Paul to get registered.

  • CA certificate policy. Nicholas Bebout did the work to get the official Mozilla CA certificate policy published to the web site (per bug 332517). Next action(s): Modify selected other pages to include a link to the policy.

  • Gerv Markham. Last week Gerv had the first of two surgeries to remove some tumors in his lungs; I’ve haven’t heard from him yet, but as far as I know he’s recuperating now and hopefully should be up and around in a bit. His surgery went very well (his words) and he hopes to be back home later this week. (However don’t expect him to answer any emails for a while yet.) I’m sure I can speak for all of us in extending to Gerv our best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. Next action(s): Gerv confronts his overflowing inbox . . .

Upcoming activities

Here’s what I’ll be doing and where I’ll be in the coming months.

  • I’ll be visiting the Center for History and New Media in Fairfax CA on May 11.

  • I’m tentatively planning to be in San Jose CA on May 30–31 for the NetSquared conference.

  • I’ll be in Mountain View CA sometime in June for a Mozilla Foundation board meeting.

This concludes the report.

UPDATED: I’ve since heard from Gerv re his condition; see above.