For quite some time now I’ve been a subscriber to eMusic, a digital music site that offers DRM-free MP3 tracks by artists on independent (non-major) labels. (At one point I cancelled my subscription because I wasn’t finding that much to download, but I re-joined after a few months and have been with the service ever since.) eMusic also has a quite active set of message boards, and from time to time I’ve posted on various topics, most notably my thoughts on eMusic’s business model and prospects vis-a-vis the digital music industry in general.

After a while I thought I really should be posting my comments to a blog rather than to someone else’s message board. At the same time I wanted to try out the WordPress blogging software as an alternative to my current somewhat-juryrigged setup for my personal blog. Thus “Swindleeeee!!!!!” was born. (For why I chose this name, please see “The story of ‘swindleeeee’.”)

I hope to post on a regular basis about my eMusic experiences, as well as my experiences with other digital music services like, Pandora, and others I’ve used off and on over the years.