This is my report on activities of the Mozilla Foundation for the week ending September 29, 2006.

Projects for the week

Here’s a partial listing of what I and others at the Foundation did this past week:

  • IP-related issues. I corresponded with Daniel Glazman about the naming of his proposed successor product to Mozilla Composer and Nvu, and agreed to help him with trademark-related issues as appropriate. I also got some paperwork completed relating to the trademark application for the SeaMonkey logo, and will be proceeding with that.

    I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank Alex Butin, who created the SeaMonkey logo, and Mark Carson, who created the Sunbird logo, for their great work and generosity in creating the logos and donating them to the Mozilla Foundation. Please join me in thanking them both!

    Next action(s): More trademark stuff.

  • Conferences and other outreach. At EuroOSCON Zak Greant interviewed various folks with other open source and free software projects to get a handle on their own issues and whether and how the Mozilla Foundation might be able to assist them in future. interally. Zak also represented the Mozilla Foundation at the Government CIO Summit in Ottawa on September 28 and talked with various people about adoption of open source and free software within government organizations in Canada and elsewhere.

    Next action(s): Zak is looking to do more such interviews in the future.

  • IDN. Gerv Markham was invited to speak on the Mozilla project’s work on Internationalized Domain Names at the Internet Governance Forum meeting in Athens Greece October 30 through November 2, but won’t be able to attend due to his radiotherapy treatments. He’s working to recruit someone to go in his stead.

    Next action(s): If a volunteer can be found, arrange Foundation sponsorship for their travel.

  • Mozilla meet-ups. Gerv has been discussing with various people the possibility of having a European meeting sometime in 2007 for localizers and other Mozilla contributors.

    Next action(s): Talk with folks at the Corporation to see what if any plans they have, and proceed accordingly.

  • Grants and related topics. Other than helping with arrangements for the Mozilla accessibility summit, not much went on last week.

    Next action(s): Sort out administrative arrangements for one more project we’re planning to fund.

Upcoming activities

  • I’ll be in Cambridge MA on October 10 for one day of the Mozilla accessibility summit.
  • Zak will be stopping by to visit at Mozilla HQ in Mountain View in late October while he’s in town for the Zend/PHP conference.

This concludes the report.