This is my report on activities of the Mozilla Foundation for the week ending November 10, 2006.

Projects for the week

Here’s a partial listing of what I and others at the Foundation did this past week:

  • Tamarin project. This was the major event of the week (alluded to in last week’s report) and accounted for the bulk of time I spent on Foundation-related tasks. I did a Tamarin blog post, an Adobe-internal webcast for Adobe employees, lots of press interviews, and other writing and responses related to the announcement.

    Next action(s): Possibly one or two more press interviews, and then that should be it, at least for now.

  • IP-related issues. Gerv Markham worked with others to relicense the Rhino Java-based JavaScript engine under an MPL/GPL dual license.

    Next action(s): Continue working on trademark-related issues.

  • CA-related issues. I looked into an application from Trustis for root certificate inclusion in Mozilla. I also got up to speed somewhat regarding the current state of the Extended Validation certificate proposal; however Gerv is doing most of the work on this from a Foundation point of view, including leading a public discussion within the Mozilla project.

    Next action(s): Resume review of additional CA applications.

  • Grants and related activities. I have some accessibility-related proposals that I hope to announce next week; I’m still working on getting a couple of other new grant proposals evaluated and approved (or rejected).

    Next action(s): Get decisions made on the various funding and grant proposals previously submitted.

Upcoming activities

  • I’ll be at Mozilla HQ in Mountain View November 14–16, as will Zak Greant.
  • Gerv will be out on vacation through early December, starting this weekend.
  • I’ll be in Boston in early December for a meeting with Aaron Leventhal.
  • I may be out on vacation the week of December 4. (This is still tentative.)
  • I’ll be in California (though not necessarily at Mozilla HQ) on December 12 and probably on December 11 and/or 13 as well.

This concludes the report.