How come I didn’t know about this before? Jon Strunk, a product manager at eMusic, not only has a blog (is he the only person at eMusic with one?), he’s also been doing some interesting (albeit unofficial) projects mashing eMusic up with other music-related services. His latest post is on mashing up eMusic and Pandora and is well worth checking out; as you play tracks in Pandora it displays eMusic content related to the track and/or the artist, including a link to download the track if you’d like. (Based on the “Radio” listing in the mashup, a mashup of eMusic and is also potentially in our future. I’m looking forward to it.)

Somewhat off-topic: Jon’s blog has a very nice Wordpress theme that’s making me quite jealous. However he could improve things further by configuring his blog to offer better permalinks and ditch the “index.php” crud. He could also list his blog with Technorati as an eMusic-related blog to help people find it.

PunkGuy ( - 2006-12-19 15:53

Thanks a lot for this tip. This mash-up is really handy (too bad 90 DL’s go by even faster this way).