This is my report on activities of the Mozilla Foundation for the week ending February 23, 2007.

Projects for the week

Here’s a partial listing of what I and others at the Foundation did this past week:

  • Grants and related activities. I’m working with Aaron Leventhal to prepare an overall plan for Mozilla-related accessibility work in 2007 and 2008. Regardless of how this plan gets funded (and some work may not get funded at all), I think this will be a useful exercise to pull together all of the accessibility-related Mozilla activities into one vision and connect them with the wider world of open source accessibility.

    Next action(s): More preparations for the CSUN conference.

  • CA certificates. Gerv Markham has been working away on updating the status of the various bugs for including CA certificates.

    Next action(s): I need to work with Gerv to make sure we have bugs filed for all current requests from CAs.

  • Other. I met with David Boswell to discuss the Mozdev Community Organization and how we could work together in future activities to support the Mozilla project. I also talked with some folks working to build a XUL-based application and discussed how the Mozilla Foundation might support the community of people working with XUL.

Upcoming activities

  • I’ll be at the Mozilla offices in Mountain View on March 13 and 14.
  • I’ll be attending the CSUN accessibility conference in Los Angeles on March 21 and 22.
  • Along with Aaron Leventhal I’ll be attending a United Nations event in New York City on March 26 to discuss Mozilla accessibility-related topics; this is in association with the Global Initiative on Inclusive Information and Communications Technologies (G3ICT).

Random notes

One of the benefits of living on the east coast of the US (as opposed to anywhere else in the US) is that you can actually take the train to someplace interesting. I was reminded of this again last Friday as I travelled up to New York City to see David Boswell. The contrast with air travel could not have been greater: no rush to get to the airport hours in advance (I arrived at the station ten minutes before the train departed, and didn’t have to hurry at all), no nit-picking security procedures of dubious effectiveness, a quiet ride on which you could walk around as you pleased, and (best of all) a standard electrical outlet next to one’s seat. Ah, traveler’s bliss!