This is my report on my activities related to the Mozilla Foundation for the week ending June 8, 2007.

Projects for the week

Here’s a partial listing of what I and others did this past week:

  • Grants and related activities. I just did administrative stuff this week for existing projects.

    Next action(s): Get paperwork completed for one remaining project left over from the Summer of Code submissions. Do a blog post summarizing our accessibility-related efforts, as well as a brief meeting report on CSUN and G3ICT.

  • IP/legal issues. I worked more on internal legal matters. In the meantime, as Robert Kaiser noted, the SeaMonkey trademarks are now formally registered in the US.

    Next action(s): Work with the SeaMonkey Council and others on appropriate policies for the SeaMonkey trademarks. Work more to get the contributors agreement moved forward.

  • Other. I worked on some other internal items, at least one of which I’ll be able to announce next week.

See also the blogs by Gerv and Zak for their own status reports.

Upcoming activities

Random notes

Last Friday I had Verizon’s FIOS service installed at my house, and spent some time debugging issues with the new installation. In particular, my AT&T CallVantage VOIP service stopped working, so my Mozilla Foundation business and fax lines are inactive until further notice. Apparently lots of people have reported problems with CallVantage and FIOS, so I’ll likely have to spend some time tracking down exactly what’s going wrong.

Other than that one problem FIOS is quite nice. Raw download speeds are on the order of 15Mbps, and raw upload speeds are just under 2Mbps; these correspond to the advertised bandwidths for my area and service level. Actual download speeds were up to 1MB/s in downloading a copy of Firefox (a testament to the folks maintaining the Mozilla download servers); I was able to download a copy of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 ISO in less than 15 minutes. These speeds will not be very impressive to many outside the US, but for US residents like me it’s a brand new experience.

If I have time I’ll blog more about my FIOS experience, especially as it relates to the general question of the future of the Internet. However for now it’s just impressive that I have an actual “fiber to the home” connection, after years of reading about FTTH as the wave of the future.

UPDATE: Whatever initial problem was affecting my CallVantage service seems to have cleared up, and my Mozilla VOIP numbers are now working fine for both inbound and outbound calls. With this problem resolved switching to FIOS is now an unmitigated success as far as I’m concerned.