As most of you know, the Mozilla Foundation (as distinct from the Mozilla Corporation) is a pretty small organization in terms of the number of people working for it. It’s therefore a big deal when we increase our numbers, and I’m quite pleased to tell you that David Boswell will soon be joining our ranks.

David has been working with the Mozilla project for several years now, most notably as the president of the Mozdev Community Organization, the nonprofit organization behind the site for Mozilla-related development projects. He and others at the web design firm Alphanumerica were instrumental in organizing early Mozilla developer meetings and creating some of the first third-party Mozilla themes and add-ons.

I had the pleasure of working with David at CollabNet (after CollabNet acquired Alphanumerica) and remember when he, Pete Collins, and others were trying to get up and running. While at CollabNet David worked to help start a number of company-initiated open source projects at Sun, Nokia, and HP. More recently he’s been finishing up a Master in Public Administration degree from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. (David also did some side projects as well, like helping out with some of NASA’s open source initiatives.) He just graduated, and after a well deserved vacation will be starting with us as a full-time employee next Monday, June 18.

Over the next few weeks David will blog some about what he’ll be doing at the Foundation. However in general we’ll look to leverage David’s experience both with the world of nonprofits and the world of Mozilla developer communities. Please join me in welcoming David to the Mozilla Foundation!

P.S. David will be in the Mozilla office in Mountain View on Monday through Wednesday next week (June 18 through 20). For those working in or visiting the office, please take the opportunity to stop by and say hello to David.