This is my report on my activities related to the Mozilla Foundation for the week ending June 15, 2007.

Projects for the week

Here’s a partial listing of what I and others did this past week:

  • Grants and related activities. I’m pleased to annouce that the Mozilla Foundation will providing some additional funding for Henri Sivonen’s work on HTML5 conformance checking. (Note that the code for the original HTML5 conformance checker is now available for checkout and build.) We’re also funding Scott Haeger to improve Firefox support in the Orca Linux-based screen reader. I also completed paperwork for a project for Leo Spalteholz to improve keyboard navigation in Firefox. (This was originally one of the Google Summer of Code submissions that we thought were worthy but for which we didn’t have slots).

    Next action(s): Do a blog post summarizing our accessibility-related efforts, as well as a brief meeting report on CSUN and G3ICT.

  • IP/legal issues. I worked more on internal legal issues.

    Next action(s): Work with the SeaMonkey Council and others on appropriate policies for the SeaMonkey trademarks. Work more to get the contributors agreement moved forward.

  • Other. As I previously posted, David Boswell will be starting work for the Mozilla Foundation on Monday, June 18.

See also the blogs by Gerv and Zak for their own status reports; be sure to check out David Boswell’s new blog as well.

Upcoming activities

Random notes

Nothing this week.