This is my report on activities related to the Mozilla Foundation for the week ending July 13, 2007.

Projects for the week

Note that starting with this report I’m going to be more consistent about making this a report for all Foundation-related activities, not just stuff I’m doing. For more information about others’ activities please see the weekly status reports published by David Boswell, Gerv Markham, and Zak Greant.

Here’s a partial listing of what I and others did this past week.

  • Grants and related activities. I completed paperwork for one more project left over from the Summer of Code applications, a project by Jörg Dotzki to create a Firefox extension to simulate the appearance of web pages to colorblind individuals. I published a blog post on a proposed accessibility vision and strategy for the Mozilla Foundation.

    Next action(s): Evaluate a funding request for sponsorship of a developer workshop (Mozilla-related but not Mozilla-specific). Make a decision on two new accessibility-related proposals.

  • IP/legal issues. I formally submitted the application for US trademark registration of the Camino logo.

    Next action(s): Work with the SeaMonkey Council and others on appropriate policies for the SeaMonkey trademarks. Work more to get the contributors agreement moved forward.

  • Other. Zak has been working to help get the Internet as a Public Good symposium organized. David has been working on various tasks related to donations to the Mozilla Foundation.

Upcoming activities

  • I’ll be taking some vacation time this week.
  • Gerv will be in Pittsburgh this week participating in the Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS).
  • I’ll be attending OSCON 2007 the week of July 23, along with the rest of the Mozilla Foundation folks and lots of other Mozilla people. (I’ll be in Portland Monday afternoon, Tuesday, and Wednesday.)
  • David, Zak, and I will be in Boston on July 30–31 participating in the IPG symposium.

Random notes

New music downloaded last week: Nor’easter by Slow Six. I’d make a comment here on its appeal, but someone else has already written it for me: “I am a huge fan of both classical and ambient music, and if you are too, you would definitely enjoy Slow Six’s brand new album, Nor’easter.”