If anyone is still reading this blog, my apologies: I’ve been preoccupied with work and family matters and haven’t posted anything since May. In fact, things got so bad in terms of distractions that I had not one but two months in which I even neglected to use all my eMusic downloads (the horror!). I can’t promise to resume the posting frequency of certain times past, but I do have at least one or two new posts coming up in the next few days, and hope to keep additional posts coming on a semi-regular schedule.

I’m also thinking about moving the blog from my own server to wordpress.com; if I do so I should be able to keep the current domain name, and I may also be able to ensure that the feed URLs don’t change either. I’ve already imported almost all the old blog posts and comments into the wordpress.com-hosted version of the blog, but want to do some more tweaking and testing before I throw the switch.

Sjoerd (sjoerd.witjes@gmail.com) - 2007-08-15 08:00

Good to read from you again. RSS proves it use once more :-)

beachdog67 (beachdog67@gmail.com) - 2007-08-15 17:29

Woof! “Distractions”, indeed. The “skin on” world has encroached on my cyberlife in a similar, economically-driven manner. I too, lost a couple months worth of DLs, and haven’t got a clue what’s up in the ever-shifting world of 68stationwagon, MusicLover, and Yancey. Any news on IowaJazz? I’m just now back live on the internet for the first time in two or three weeks – don’t even have speakers hooked up fer Dogsakes. Anyway, glad you’re back too. Woof!