To my remaining readers

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If anyone is still reading this blog, my apologies: I’ve been preoccupied with work and family matters and haven’t posted anything since May. In fact, things got so bad in terms of distractions that I had not one but two months in which I even neglected to use all my eMusic downloads (the horror!). I can’t promise to resume the posting frequency of certain times past, but I do have at least one or two new posts coming up in the next few days, and hope to keep additional posts coming on a semi-regular schedule.

I’m also thinking about moving the blog from my own server to; if I do so I should be able to keep the current domain name, and I may also be able to ensure that the feed URLs don’t change either. I’ve already imported almost all the old blog posts and comments into the version of the blog, but want to do some more tweaking and testing before I throw the switch.