This is my report on activities related to the Mozilla Foundation for the week ending January 11, 2008.

Projects for the week

Here’s a summary of what Foundation-related activities went on last week; for more information about others’ activities please see the weekly status reports published by David Boswell, Gerv Markham, and Zak Greant.

  • Grants and related expenditures
    • I worked on more paperwork for new Foundation grants (to be announced).
    • Steve Lee published a report on his Foundation-funded Jambu on-screen keyboard project.
    • I got grant agreements in place for two new grants (to be announced later), finished a grant agreement for one more, and received proposals for more grants.
  • CAs and related issues
    • I started going through the EV-related CA applications to see which were most ready for approval.
  • Public communications
  • Other
    • I was out part of the week on family business, and also lost some time dealing with system problems affecting email.

Upcoming trips and events

Random notes

Due to intermittent but annoying problems, I’m about to make two major changes to my current system setup. First, several months ago I started using Gmail as my preferred mail interface, using address aliases and mail forwarding to avoid having to change my canonical email address, and running my old IMAP server configuration in parallel. I’ve now decided to stop trying to run my own mail server, and as of this week I’m switching to Google Apps to provide email and other services for my domain. All of my existing email addresses will continue to work, so this should be a transparent switch unless something goes wrong.

Second, I’m also getting tired of maintaining my own blogging infrastructure using custom software. In the near future I’ll be retiring my old blog and starting a new blog on Unfortunately I can’t make this switch transparent; I’ll be using a new domain ( and new feed URLs. More on this in my next report, which will hopefully be the last report using the old system. However note that I’ll continue to keep my previous blog around for historical purposes, and will do my utmost to ensure that all current URLs will continue to link to the proper content.

A final note: We’re still accepting donations to the Mozilla Foundation through our directed giving program. Help support Bugzilla, Camino, SeaMonkey, and the Mozilla accessibility project, as well as general Foundation activities for the coming year.