As of today I’m officially migrating from my old personal blog at and publicizing the new blog at (This new blog is actually hosted at, but I’m using a subdomain in case I want to move it to another service or server in future.) Most of the posts on this blog have been Mozilla-related, and I anticipate that continuing; I maintain an intermittently-updated hobby blog at, but I don’t have the spare time to publish much other non-Mozilla stuff. If you want to see only Mozilla-related posts, subscribe to the Mozilla feed at; if you don’t mind seeing non-Mozilla stuff occasionally you can subscribe to instead. Finally, my Mozilla blog posts also get syndicated through, so if you subscribe to the p.m.o feed you don’t need to subscribe to this blog’s Mozilla feed separately.

Steve Lee - 2008-02-05 10:44

Hi Frank, I was interested to see you have used WordPress as I’m considering moving over to a self hosted WordPress blog as well. So I was wondering how you found the hosted solution (and how you redirect) and if you had any hints from your experience. Did you hit any problems? Did you spend much effort customising it?

hecker - 2008-02-05 15:03

I moved to because I didn’t want the hassle of administering WordPress on my own server (including doing database backups, applying security updates, etc. (Also, the server in question is running RHEL3 and thus can’t run any later than WordPress 2.0.) The restrictions on configurability, etc., on are a reasonable tradeoff for the reduced sysadmin burden; also I don’t care that much about customization since most of my readers probably use the feed as opposed to visiting the web site. Regarding the redirection, has an optional ($10/year) upgrade where you can have your blog be at your own domain name, e.g., in my case. I just set up as a CNAME pointing to, and they handle the rest. If you want to do the same trick at a top-level domain (like my other blog then you can just have the domain configured to use’s nameservers.