Welcome to the new blog

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As of today I’m officially migrating from my old personal blog at http://hecker.org/ and publicizing the new blog at [http://blog.hecker.org/](http://blog.hecker.org/). (This new blog is actually hosted at wordpress.com, but I’m using a hecker.org subdomain in case I want to move it to another service or server in future.) Most of the posts on this blog have been Mozilla-related, and I anticipate that continuing; I maintain an intermittently-updated hobby blog at a different domain, but I don’t have the spare time to publish much other non-Mozilla stuff. If you want to see only Mozilla-related posts, subscribe to the Mozilla feed at [http://blog.hecker.org/category/mozilla/feed/](http://blog.hecker.org/category/mozilla/feed/); if you don’t mind seeing non-Mozilla stuff occasionally you can subscribe to [http://blog.hecker.org/feed/](http://blog.hecker.org/feed/) instead. Finally, my Mozilla blog posts also get syndicated through planet.mozilla.org, so if you subscribe to the p.m.o feed you don’t need to subscribe to this blog’s Mozilla feed separately.