Continuing a tradition from last year, here’s what you can find on eMusic from the list of recommended 2008 recordings published by Alex Ross. (Note that CaptWhiffle also has Alex Ross picks for 2007 and 2008 as a user list on eMusic, something I didn’t notice until I’d almost finished this post.)

  • Crystal Tears”: songs of Dowland, Robert Johnson, Byrd, and others; Andreas Scholl, countertenor, Julian Behr, lute and Concerto di viole (Harmonia Mundi). This is 21 tracks (about half of my monthly allotment), but I like early music and the samples sound good, so this is a likely download for me.

  • Heavenly Harmonies”: music of Tallis and Byrd; Stile Antico (Harmonia Mundi). Same story as for “Crystal Tears.”

  • Chopin, Preludes, and pieces by Mompou; Alexandre Tharaud, piano (Harmonia Mundi). This is not on CaptWhiffle’s list, probably because it was released late in the year.

  • Brahms and Schumann Lieder; Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, mezzo-soprano, and Julius Drake, piano (Wigmore Hall Live).

Several releases on eMusic were also on Ross’s “honorable mention” list; some of these are missing from CaptWhiffle’s list:

Ross also posted a list of what he considers to be the ten best performances of 2008. This is also interesting, and provided me at least one suggestion for future eMusic exploration.