As a congenital generalist I maintain ongoing relatively superficial interests in a lot of different things. However every once in a while an interest will take me over and lead me to explore it obsessively for a time. Several years ago I had that experience with art, especially contemporary art. (I have a bias towards what’s going on currently in a field; thus my current interest in “classical” music is focused on what’s being composed here and now, and extends back only to the dawn of minimalism.)

Like almost all my obsessive interests my exploration of contemporary art eventually waned. I recycled my issues of Artforum and other magazines, though I kept all my art books and still go to exhibits a couple of times a year. However my interest was recently revived by a discussion about a possible work-related project (about which I’ll blog further in future, if and when the project goes forward). I’m not diving back into the deep end just yet, but I did revisit Rhizome, a web site devoted to uses of new technologies in art that used to be one of my favorite resources. I’m subscribed to their blog feed and likely will occasionally check out some of the discussions as well.

I’m also starting an art category on my blog, so that I’ve somewhere to put the occasional art-related post I’m moved to write. I feel a couple coming on now, so perhaps this won’t forever be the only post in this category.