Now with Swindleeeee!!!!!

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td;dr: Swindleeeee!!!!! is dead, long live my old Swindleeeee!!!! posts.

It was over six years ago that I first subscribed to the eMusic digital music service, and over three years since I started my blog Swindleeeee!!!!! to provide an outlet for my eMusic-related musings. My posting frequency (never that high) has in recent months fallen off drastically. I either don’t have anything I want to write about eMusic, or I don’t have time to write anything.

Rather than have Swindleeeee!!!!! join the millions of other blogs that have dribbled off into nothingness, I’ve decided to give it a dignified exit. More specifically:

  • I’ve moved all my old Swindleeeee!!!!! posts over to this blog under the music category, in case you ever have occasion to read them or link to them.
  • If you subscribed to Swindleeeee!!!!! using a newsfeed reader and you want to see my future posts on similar topics, please subscribe to my blog using the new feed URL
  • I’ve let the domain name lapse. If you’ve referenced Swindleeeee!!!!! URLs in a blog post or other context then you’ll need to update those links.

Thanks to all of you who read and commented on Swindleeeee!!!!! posts. Please continue reading this blog if you’re interested in what I might have to say on eMusic and the music industry.

UPDATE (2018/10/04): Removed links to obsolete newsreader software, updated the link for my own feed, and noted that the domain no longer exists.