Some kind of a party

2 minute read

A while back my copy of iTunes saw fit to present me (for the first time?) with a party playlist. I honestly can’t imagine any party that would have this as a playlist, but the bizarre randomness of it all intrigued me and prompted me to present the unexpurgated list to the world (with comments where appropriate and links to eMusic downloads where available):

  • Eve Beglarian, Far Off Country (Four), performed by Maya Beiser, from Almost Human. I like this album but have a bit of aversion to spoken-word accompaniments to classical tracks, like those here.

  • Neutral Milk Hotel, Two-Headed Boy Part 2, from In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. This album is legendary among people who know it, but I have to confess I feel more admiration for it than love.

  • Mogwai, I’m Jim Morrison, I’m Dead, from The Hawk Is Howling. I’m a major Mogwai fan, but on first listen I thought this was relatively minor Mogwai. I’ll have to give it another try.

  • Arvo Part, Nunc dimittis, performed by the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, from Da pacem. I’ve been a big Part fan ever since picking up Litany (based on a recommendation in Wired, oddly enough).

  • Tristania, Angellore, from Widow’s Weeds. An experiment on my part in venturing into the melodic metal arena; not bad, but I’m still not that interested in metal.

  • M.I.A., Fire, Fire, from Arular. I was dining at Fatburger, which features a free jukebox with a net connection, when someone played Paper Planes from Kala. I decided to reciprocate by playing Galang Galang from this album.

  • Eve Beglarian, Far Off Country (One-Two), performed by Maya Beiser, from Almost Human. iTunes put two tracks from this album onto the list; I have no idea why.

  • Dumptruck, Better Of You, from For the Country (not on eMusic). In my opinion this is one of the best non-country country albums ever recorded, right up there with Meat Puppets II.

  • The Fall. An Older Lover etc, from Palace of Swords Reversed (not on eMusic). I have lots of Fall albums; this is one of the better ones.

  • Johann Johannsson, Englaborn, from Englaborn. I like Johannsson but don’t recall liking this album as much as IBM 1401: A User’s Manual.

  • Amiina, Saga, from Kurr. Another Icelandic production, not in the league of Bjork or Sigur Ros, but well worth listening to.

  • Team Dresch, Hate the Christian Right!, from Personal Best (not on eMusic). The Butchies have their charms but are no substitute for this band. Supposedly Team Dresch have reformed and are (maybe?) recording a new album; I always worry about this sort of thing but am definitely looking forward to it if it ever happens.

  • The Wedding Present, I’m Not Always So Stupid, from George Best Plus. I listened to this album only once; it was a bit too much of its time for me.

  • Super Furry Animals, Patience, from Rings Around The World. Another album I listened to only once, and need to try again.

  • Bocuma, Boards Of Canada, Music Has The Right To Children (not on eMusic). CollabNet didn’t really take off as a company, but I have to say that my co-workers there (who recommended this to me) had great taste in music.