This is the week for everyone to do “looking back at 2010” reviews, and I’m no exception. I thought this would be a good time to review my past year (really, past seven months) of blogging on Howard County topics, including presenting some site statistics and gathering in one place links to the various multi-part series of posts I’ve done.

In 2010 I did a total of 60 blog posts (not counting this one), of which 57 were focused on Howard County (more or less). I didn’t actually post anything Howard County-related until May 19 (day 139), so in reality I did 57 Howard County posts over 226 days, or one post every four days. Obviously I’m never going to be a post-per-day (much less multiple-posts-per-day) blogger in the mold of HoCo Rising or Wordbones; however given that I write pretty long posts and do a fair amount of research for each one, one post every four days is actually much better that I thought I’d do.

Mine is the very definition of a “micro-niche” blog, and the traffic statistics for 2010 bear that out; the following table gives total page views for each month in 2010:1

MonthPage views

The average number of views was 2,107 per month or about 69 views per day. It’s worth noting that in 2009 I did 46 posts total, of which only two were about Howard County (the rest being divided between Mozilla-related posts and posts on eMusic and other music-related topics), and my average number of views that year was 1,876 per month or about 62 views a day. So it appears that I’m destined to attract a niche audience no matter what I blog about.

Here’s a (somewhat selective) list of posts (or series of posts) I published this year, in roughly chronological order and with additional commentary as appropriate:

Some other points about this blog that may be of interest:

  • If you’re interested in seeing new Howard County-related posts as soon as they’re published (as opposed to coming back to the home page now and then) you can use an RSS reader to subscribe to the blog’s Howard County-specific RSS feed ([/category/howardcounty/feed/][catego]).

  • If you’re interested in redistributing or otherwise reusing any of the material I publish, you’re free to do so, as long as you provide proper attribution.

  • I encourage comments on my blog posts, and ask only that you use a consistent moniker for yourself when commenting, whether your real name or a pseudonym. (I don’t care which.) See also my posts on anonymous commenters and my personal commenting policies.

In my next post I’ll look forward to 2011 and what it means for this blog.

  1. All values are from the summary tables displayed in the interface; the figure for December is as of 5 pm EST on December 30. ↩︎