Happy New Year to Howard County bloggers

1 minute read

My last two posts were all about me, so I wanted to switch gears and wish a Happy New Year to all of the local Howard County bloggers and other local media mavens it’s been my privilege to read and (in many cases) meet:

To 53 Beers on Tap: May your blog overflow with comments, none of which need to be deleted.

To Child Psych: May your diagnoses be perceptive and your treatments efficacious.

To Chris Bachmann: May your servers always stay up, and your center progress.

To Columbia 2.0: May your town center become vibrant, and your opponents’ petitions and lawsuits be rejected.

To Do I Amuse You: May your tweets always be amusing, and your screenplays green-lighted.

To HoCo Matt: May you be happy even if you decide not to become HoCo Matt for real.

To HoCoMoJo: May your mobs always be flash and your videos very viewed.

To HoCo Politico: May your business be successful, and your village well-planned.

To HoCo Rising: May you become more than just a blogger.

To HowChow: May you find more delicious treats in unexpected places.

To Hometown Columbia: May your media always be social, and your generation generative.

To all the local Patches: May your stories be hyper-local and your ventures hyper-successful.

To Sarah Says: May your CSA deliveries be scrumptious and your sidewalks always paved.

To Wordbones: May your projects be completed on schedule and your buildings be fully leased.

To other local bloggers whom I might have inadvertently omitted: Best wishes to you too for the coming year, in both your blogging life and your rest-of-life life.