Weight loss update, month 1

1 minute read

Today is one month since I started the Newt Gingrich weight loss program, and it’s time for a progress report. As you’ll recall, my initial weight as announced a month ago was 75.0 kg; as it turned out, my weight on the first day I started the program was 75.3 kg, so I was actually starting at a higher point than I anticipated when setting my first month’s goal of losing 1.0 kg.

Nevertheless I was able meet the first month’s goal with plenty to spare: My weight as of this morning was 72.9 kg, for a total loss in the first month of 2.1 kg (from the official starting point). I’ve thus postponed my having to encourage Newt Gingrich in his presidential ambitions.

Each month I’ll post some thoughts on the journey thus far. This month’s thought:

If you write your own contract, have a lawyer review it. My intent was to try to lose 1 kg per month, ending up at my goal weight of 70 Kg after five months. However, my Contract with (that part of) America (that reads my blog) actually reads for each of the first five months in which I fail to lose 1 kg, I will donate $10 to Newt [emphasis added]. So if I end up a month from now still at 72.9 kg I will be on track to my goal, but will have to pony up $10 to Newt.

Rather than try to weasel my way out of this, I’ll honor the contract as written. So my goal for a month from now (May 17) is to be at 71.9 kg or below. See you then!