Weight loss update, month 2

1 minute read

It’s now two months since I started the Newt Gingrich weight loss program, and time for another progress report. The stakes are higher now that Gingrich has officially announced he’s running for president. Fortunately I was able to meet this month’s goal, as I weighed in this morning1 at 71.6 kg, 1.3 kg less than my weight a month ago, 3.4 kg below my official starting weight of 75.0 kg, and 1.6 kg away from my goal weight of 70.0 kg. Once again I can keep $10 in my pocket and out of Newt’s.

This month’s thought:

Eternal vigilance is the price of weight loss. Losing weight was harder this month: I started getting tired of eating sensibly, and had at least one big splurge. The key to success was weighing myself every day (or at least trying to: a couple of days I was out of town on a business trip, and a couple of other days I got busy and forgot). That allowed me to detect times when I was backsliding and renew my efforts; as it was I got concerned the last week or so about coming in too close under the wire, but thankfully had enough margin in the end for random weight fluctuation not to spoil my efforts.

As I discussed in my last weight-loss update, even though I’m a month ahead of schedule (having lost more than 3 kg in two months) I’ll continue to try to lose at least 1 kg a month. My goal for a month from now (June 17) is therefore to be at 70.6 kg or below. Wish me luck (unless you’re Newt Gingrich)!

  1. That is, the morning of May 17. I date my blog posts using UTC time, which is why this post is dated May 18 even though it’s not yet midnight local time.