Columbia Borders to close in next two months?

1 minute read

I happened to stumble on this New York Times article this evening: Calling Off Auction, Borders Plans to Liquidate. According to the article, Borders said it would proceed with a proposal … to close down its 399 remaining stores. … The company will begin closing its remaining stores as soon as Friday, and the liquidation is expected to run through September.

I presume that the Borders store in Columbia Crossing will be closed in the coming weeks as part of this plan, along with the Borders Express store in the Mall at Columbia. Whether another bookseller will move into either of these locations is an open question. The article speculates that Other national book chains, like Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million, could move into stores vacated by Borders. but also notes that Some competing bookstores are already nearby. A spokeswoman for Barnes & Noble said that 70 percent of Barnes & Noble’s stores are within five miles of an existing Borders store. This is true locally: The Ellicott City location of Barnes and Noble is just around five miles away in driving distance from the Columbia Crossing Borders, and less than five miles away as the crow flies.

I’ll miss the Columbia Borders, but have to confess that I haven’t been in the place more than a couple of times over the last year or two—which I guess makes me part of the industry trend that led to Borders going out of business.