Campaign signs 2014: A call for submissions

2 minute read

Pity the poor political candidates of Howard County. It’s hard enough running a campaign as it is, but they also have pesky bloggers grading their performances in public forums, evaluating their direct mail pieces, and keeping track of their social media activities. In an upcoming series of posts I’ll be adding to their woes by rendering aesthetic judgements on their campaign signs. (I did this once before after the 2010 elections, but now I’ll be doing it in a more timely manner.)

In my travels around Howard County I’ve been photographing campaign signs when and where I could. However I’m still missing signs for several candidates for local races and would like to include them if possible. Here are the candidates for whom I do not have sign photos; note that I have not included candidates who are unopposed in the primary election (like Calvin Ball) or even in the general election (like Mary Kay Sigaty):

  • Howard County Council, District 1

    • David Melton
  • Howard County Council, District 2

    • Reg Avery
    • Calvin Ball

    • Ralph Colavita
  • Howard County Council, District 3

    • Jen Terrasa
  • Howard County Council, District 4

    • Mary Kay Sigaty
  • Howard County Council, District 5

    • Greg Fox
    • Alan Schneider
  • Howard County Board of Education

    • Maureen Arthurs (have pictures)

    • Zaneb Beams

    • Allen Dyer

    • Sandra French

    • Dan Furman

    • Christine O’Connor

  • Maryland House of Delegates, District 9A

    • Eric Bouchat (have pictures)

    • Trent Kittleman (have a picture)

  • Maryland House of Delegates, District 9B

    • Rich Corkran (have pictures)
  • Maryland House of Delegates, District 12

    • Brian Bailey (have pictures)

    • Gordon Bull

    • Jay Cohen

    • Eric Ebersole (got pictures)

    • Joe Hooe

    • Renee McGuirk-Spence (have pictures)

    • Rick Martel

    • Adam Sachs

  • Maryland House of Delegates, District 13

    • Danny Eaton

    • Jimmy Williams

    • Chris Yates

  • Judge of the Orphans’ Court

    • Shari Lynne Chase (have pictures)

    • Anne Dodd (have pictures)
    • Ellen Harrison

    • Nicole Bormel Miller (have pictures)
    • Emma Travis-Howard

    • Leslie Smith Turner (have pictures)
  • Sheriff

    • John McMahon

If you happen to see signs for any of these people in your neighborhood and it’s safe for you to stop and take a picture on your smartphone or camera, please feel free to send the picture(s) to me at; I’ll gladly give you a photo credit if you request it.

UPDATE: I mistakenly had Ellen Flynn Giles as a candidate this year for Board of Education. Thanks to Joan Lancos for setting me straight.

UPDATE 2: I have updated the post to mark cases where I now have pictures of signs. I still do not have signs for the remaining candidates.