tl;dr: My blog is moving to Update your bookmarks and news readers!

After a fair amount of fiddling about I’m renaming my personal blog and moving to a new domain. From now on you can access the blog at (note the “https” rather than “http”).

You can read more about the changes in my first post at the new blog. Briefly, I wanted to separate the blog from my personal domain and have more control over the technology behind the blog, including eliminating the user tracking done by and providing better support for posts that include programming code and mathematical notation.

I have moved all of my old blog posts from to, although some of the older ones have minor formatting glitches I have yet to correct. For now you can access old posts at the URLs, but sometime in October (once I finish fixing any formatting problems) I will have all URLs pointing to posts automatically redirected to the posts on The bottom line is that if you have linked to any of my old posts those links should continue to work both now and in the future.

However if you use news reader software (e.g., NetNewsWire) or a news reader service (e.g., Feedly) to read my blog posts then you should reconfigure your software or service to use as the feed URL for the blog. I may be able to redirect previous feed URLs, but I cannot guarantee this will work in all cases.

Finally, an important note: The new blog does not support comments (for a number of reasons); instead I’m expecting people to comment on Facebook or Twitter, or just to send me email. If you really don’t like this and would much prefer to comment directly on blog posts, drop me a line (or post a comment below) and I’ll consider changing my decision.

Thanks to all of you who have read my blog over the years; see you at!