Howard County 2018 campaign signs in the final round of voting

Howard County 2018 campaign signs advancing to the final round of voting. (Click for a higher-resolution version.)

tl;dr: After you vote in today’s 2018 Maryland primary, vote for the best-looking Howard County 2018 campaign signs among those that made it to the final round.

Polls are now closed for voting for the signs discussed in parts 1 through 6 of this series. The following candidates’ signs were the winners and runners-up for each part (with their percentage of the vote in parentheses):

  • Part 1. Winner: Kim Oldham (56%). Runner-up: Greg Jennings (15%).
  • Part 2. Winners: Deb Jung and Shahan Rizvi (tie) (32%).
  • Part 3. Winner: Danny Mackey (35%). Runner-up: Christiana Rigby (29%).
  • Part 4. Winner: Sabina Taj (77%). Runner-up: Rich Gibson (9%).
  • Part 5. Winner: Liz Walsh (54%). Runner-up: Jessica Feldmark (32%).
  • Part 6. Winner: Byron Macfarlane (52%). Runner-up: Opel Jones (24%).

The following candidates’ signs will advance to the final round of eight (in random order): Deb Jung, Liz Walsh, Byron Macfarlane, Jessica Feldmark, Shahan Rizvi, Sabina Taj, Kim Oldham, and Danny Mackey.

The signs for Deb Jung and Shahan Rizvi both advanced because they finished in a dead heat, with the exact same number of votes. I also included Jessica Feldmark’s sign as my wild card choice, since it was the runner-up with the highest percentage of the vote share (the same as Jung’s and Rizvi’s signs, as it happens).

Please vote for your choice of the best-looking sign of those listed above. Extended voting hours will run until 11 pm on Election Day, so you can vote for your favorite sign while you attend the parties after the real polls close. Check Twitter and Facebook tomorrow to see which sign won!