tl;dr: This post is now obsolete.

Update 2021/06/19: I am no longer updating the Civility and Truth newsletter, so there’s no longer any point to subscribing to it. However old posts will remain accessible for the foreseeable future.

I don’t update this blog very frequently, and it’s too much to expect people to check out the web site on a regular basis. Hence I’ve created a new Civility and Truth newsletter, and am inviting you to subscribe to it. I’ll use the newsletter to send new Civility and Truth posts direct to your inbox at the same time I post them to the site—or even before I post them to the site, as a reward to subscribers.

I’ll also send out other material that for whatever reason doesn’t warrant a full Civility and Truth post, including links to recommended articles, mini book reviews, and random commentary.

Finally, this is a free newsletter and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Please feel free to forward any of my posts to anyone you think may be interested in in-depth, data-based, non-partisan commentary and analysis of issues relevant to Howard County, Maryland, and the world beyond.

For further exploration

Apparently email lists are the hip new alternative to blogs. (I can remember a time when blogs were the hip new alternative to email lists.) If you’re interested in the trend to email newsletter subscriptions, check out the following articles linked to from the Substack site: