How Mozilla makes money and spends it

Four graphs show that almost all of Mozilla’s revenue comes from Google et al., and the majority of its expenses go to software development.

2020-08-15 · 5 min · Frank Hecker

Mozilla’s uncertain future

Some thoughts on Mozilla for people who don’t know Mozilla.

2020-08-13 · 13 min · Frank Hecker

Electing the Howard County Board of Education by districts makes no sense

Yes, this is another post promoting ranked choice voting.

2020-05-15 · 9 min · Frank Hecker

Ranked choice voting questions and answers

I answer questions about ranked choice voting raised by the Howard County Charter Review Commission and others.

2020-03-04 · 11 min · Frank Hecker

A better way to elect the Howard County Council

Tweaking the council redistricting process is the wrong solution. Ranked choice voting is the right one.

2020-03-03 · 5 min · Frank Hecker