Creating the Chrysalis: Design

I explore the design of the Chrysalis and the work of Marc Fornes, its designer.

2017-01-07 · 48 min · Frank Hecker

The Chrysalis and Its Cousins

As construction of the Chrysalis amphitheater begins, I look again at the structure and its architect.

2015-09-11 · 6 min · Frank Hecker

Chrysalis designer wins World Architecture News 21 for 21 award

The Chrysalis in Symphony Woods / Merriweather Park in the Inner Arbor plan. (Click for high-resolution version.) Image © 2013 Inner Arbor Trust; used with permission. Marc Fornes, the designer of the Chrysalis, the amphitheater planned for Symphony Woods as part of the Inner Arbor plan, and his firm THEVERYMANY are one of two winners of the 2014 WAN 21 for 21 award sponsored by World Architecture News, “an initiative aiming to highlight 21 architects who could be the leading lights of architecture in the 21st century....

2014-06-30 · 4 min · Frank Hecker