Learn about Mozilla this summer in Madrid

My apologies for not passing this on earlier: Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, Spain, is organizing a three-month course on Mozilla technologies in cooperation with the Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Europe. The course is almost completely on-line, but it includes a one-week face-to-face “sprint” session in Madrid in July; students are welcome to apply for financial help with travel costs for the Madrid portion of the course. The course is open to international students and will be taught in English....

2009-06-18 · 1 min · Frank Hecker

Mozilla Education call: proposed Processing project

For today’s instance of our weekly Mozilla Education call at 11 am EDT / 8 am PDT / 1500 UTC we’ll be talking about a proposed multi-disciplinary multi-school “meta-project” to move the Processing programming language to the open web. (Processing is currently Java-based, though there is a JavaScript port in progress). I’ll also be glad to answer any questions people might have about the SoftHum workshop that I attended last week and blogged about....

2009-06-15 · 1 min · Frank Hecker

The SoftHum workshop on teaching open source

I was at Drexel University in Philadelphia last Thursday and Friday participating in the SoftHum Workshop on Involving Students in Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software Projects (to use its official name). I was there representing Mozilla, and in particular to talk about our Mozilla Education initiative; I was one of the folks invited to provide the open source project perspective, along with Greg Dekoenigsberg of Red Hat and the Fedora Project and Darius Jazayeri of the OpenMRS project....

2009-06-14 · 5 min · Frank Hecker

Mozilla Education call: Expanding education.mozilla.org

For this week’s instance of our weekly Mozilla Education call we’ll be talking about our efforts to expand and revision the education.mozilla.org (EDMO) web site. The discussion will be led by James Boston, our new Mozilla Education intern. For some background on what James will be doing this summer, please see his blog post.

2009-05-11 · 1 min · Frank Hecker

New Mozilla Education weekly call

As is evident from Mark Surman’s recent “Why Mozilla Education?” post and all the stuff we’ve been adding to the Mozilla Education planning page, we’re getting involved with a lot of activities around the general theme of Mozilla and education. In order to coordinate all these activities we’ve decided to hold a weekly Mozilla Education teleconference call among Mark, Dave Humphrey, myself, and others working in this area. Because Mozilla is a public project we’re inviting anyone to participate (or just listen in) who has an interest in Mozilla and education....

2009-02-05 · 2 min · Frank Hecker