A more inclusive Howard County needs a more inclusive approach to redistricting

A county that cares about inclusivity needs an approach to council redistricting that is open to all, transparent, as fair as possible, and not controlled by partisan interests

2021-09-23 · 8 min · Frank Hecker

A Howard County concerned about equity needs a more equitable way to elect its county council

Let’s elect the Howard County Council in such a way that every voter has an equal chance to express their preferences and have them matter.

2021-09-22 · 9 min · Frank Hecker

A more diverse Howard County needs a more diverse county council

When we expand the Howard County Council let’s make it more reflective of the people it serves.

2021-09-21 · 7 min · Frank Hecker

A bigger Howard County needs a bigger county council

Let’s expand the Howard County Council to make it more responsive to the larger population it now serves.

2021-09-20 · 8 min · Frank Hecker

Boy’s Own Brexit, Part 2

The UK goes it alone (but not really).

2021-01-01 · 14 min · Frank Hecker