How do schools and parents matter?

20 minute read

I explore the ideas of Judith Rich Harris as they apply to the roles of parents and schools in Howard County and elsewhere.

The Niskanen Center’s incomplete vision

26 minute read

The Niskanen Center promotes a pro-market pro-government vision for the center-right, but I think the sales pitch needs to be tweaked to get at least some co...

Seven answers: LGBTQIA equality

20 minute read

The struggle for marriage equality provides guidance for how the longer-term campaign for LGBTQIA equality might go.

Seven answers: Gender equality

14 minute read

When it comes to gender equality, I don’t think there are any simple solutions, only tentative ways forward.

Seven answers: Class warfare

16 minute read

Is there a class war going on? Yes, but it’s also an intra-elite war with others caught in the crossfire.

Seven answers: Racial equality

11 minute read

How to promote racial equality? Possible places to start: reducing crime, improving policing, and promoting voting.


2 minute read

“You have asked me how I feel about socialism. All right, here is how I feel about socialism.”

Seven answers: Introduction

2 minute read

Even though I’m not a candidate for office, I’m going to take a shot at answering seven questions raised by Jason Booms.