This blog is moving to

tl;dr: My blog is moving to Update your bookmarks and news readers! After a fair amount of fiddling about I’m renaming my personal blog and moving to a new domain. From now on you can access the blog at (note the “https” rather than “http”). You can read more about the changes in my first post at the new blog. Briefly, I wanted to separate the blog from my personal domain frankhecker....

2015-09-07 · 2 min · Frank Hecker

Welcome to Civility and Truth

Update 2021/06/19: This post is now obsolete.

2015-09-07 · 4 min · Frank Hecker

Changing my (blog) name, plus Plus

For those following this blog, note that I’ve changed the canonical site name from to Any links and feed URLs referencing the previous domain name will still work for the foreseeable future, but if and when you have time you may want to update your bookmark list, RSS newsreaders, and related information to reflect the new name. A little history by way of background: I was around when the Internet was first being commercialized, and I had the opportunity to register hecker....

2011-10-30 · 3 min · Frank Hecker

Feedback is now welcome

UPDATE 2023-03-27: This page is obsolete, as it refers to a prior version of this blog. However, it may be of historical interest. After much struggle I’ve finally managed to get my blog to support comments and TrackBacks. (This is what I get for using “roll your own” blogging software.) I’ll blog some more later about how I did this, for any Blosxom users who happen to be interested; in the meantime please report any problems to me, either as comments on this post (if you’re able to) or via email....

2005-09-22 · 1 min · Frank Hecker

My new weblog

UPDATE 2023/12/31: This is the first post for my blog after I converted my personal website to use Blosxom. I’m including it here for historical interest. After a long period of neglecting my personal web site, I’ve decided to start my own weblog, with the goal of making it easier for me to publish new material and therefore (I hope) more likely that I’ll actually write more. My plan is to write about things that interest me, on the theory that they might interest at least a few other people....

2005-01-09 · 2 min · Frank Hecker