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I did not read comics as a teenager (science fiction being my youthful vice); I began reading comics only after seeing a newspaper story a few years ago reporting the end of Neil Gaiman's Sandman series. (Only in the comics world would the deliberate and planned conclusion of a storyline be newsworthy.) After reading Sandman trade paperbacks I branched out into reading a number of other comics, almost all of the "alternative" variety. I started out reading primarily DC Comics' Vertigo line of quasi-alternative comics, but (for better or worse) I'm now much closer to meeting the profile of the "Comics Journal reader" and true alternative comics fan, as described in their helpful quiz in TCJ issue 226, "Are You a Connoisseur or a Cretin." (Hey, I even read Artforum! However I draw the line at inviting cartoonists to sleep on my couch.)

Here are some of the comics I'd enjoyed and read the last time I bothered to update this page:

Some things I used to read, but no longer do:

A sampling of other comics I've read and enjoyed over the past few years: Dan Clowes' Eightball, Dylan Horrocks' Hicksville, Tom Hart's The Sands and Hutch Owen's Working Hard, and Jason Lutes' Jar of Fools and Berlin.

I can't leave off without also putting in a plug for The Expo (formerly and better known as the Small Press Expo or SPX), our local (Bethesda MD) comics convention, now reduced somewhat from its glory days but still worth attending.

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