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I used to listen almost exclusively to what is variously termed "alternative" or "progressive" music (although it really has become mainstream rock in the mid-90s). I've now also become a big fan of what is generically called "electronica", with my favorite subgenres being techno and ambient, as well as at least some modern classical music (20th and 21st century). Albums I'd been listening to and enjoying when I last updated this page (several years ago) include

Other groups and artists I've enjoyed listening to over the past few years include Future Sound of London, Lush, Rage Against the Machine, and Tricky. Long-time favorites include Gang of Four, the Go-Betweens, the Mekons, My Bloody Valentine, and the Smiths.

I recently became a subscriber to the Emusic online music service, and it's broadened my listening even more; when I have time I'll update this page to reflect that.

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